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Ask God
AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

Ask God

Poem By Albert Wong

Morning beam gradually are shining bright.
Yellow and red light appear billion light.
Sun light increase from grey to bright.
Why the twilight must come after dark?

Peoples under the sun must work very hard.
Some works in the hot sunshine like in heel.
Half earth peoples start works in the day.
Why the others can enjoy same in the sun?

There is some areas lack of water,
There is nothing can be grown.
As to see there is not fair in the earth.
Why there is such unfairness in different areas?

My dear God, could you tell me what’s fair?
Under the sun, there are a lot not sure.
Why you can’t treat every body the same?
It is hot in summer, but cool after autumn.

Why the weather couldn’t be upside down?
Spring follows winter, winter follows autumn.
People work to save wealth for their last.
Retirement will be the final stage of no return.

I hope those who are poor now in the dark;
There will be light come after-ward.
Please don’t worry too much before light.
Your future will become lightened again!

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Comments (2)

there is just so much here... a regular whirlpool of thought and emotion, worthy of many repeated readings. The notion of God as Creator is a complex one, worthy of much discussion. At the same time, much simplicity and inner peace can be derived from the same notion. Simply put, this is an impressive work.
Another nice piece of honest expression of anguish...9