Ask I Why?

Why must I ask
in manner
such as this

When no answer to
hundreds of questions
so heard from me

Such said have heard
when unto you rendered
in form of question
informed such did

Avoid contempt when
such rendered not

No contempt
for all liken to
the the power
of the robe

Controls all destiny
life death

So much you do
how can
what such said could
I harm thee so

Money nor comfort
I have
look like a rag
nineteen month's
later how sad

Such that I say in
heart mind soul
the end such
said knew

I could not control
by force
not such upon
my flesh
long hence afflicted
manipulation worse than
corporal punishment
medication so was
abused in manner
previously spoken
to you

Amongst all previously stated
not out of meanness
but as so stated
man keeps mouth shut
despite pain inflicted
no rule of law

When eyes shut
offended man feels
pain not self inflicted

Abandoned not

Deserted not

Adulterated not

Abused not

Voice raised yes

Behind back went
no prior knowledge
off truth spoken so
to those whom would

Those whom know
not care
or so I have been
led to believe

With the up most respect
30th Day Of August

by Uloia Norris Moore

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