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Ask Me A Question
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

Ask Me A Question

Whisper to me while we lay together on this bed
Staring in your eyes, stroking the hair on your head
Then you stare at me deeply and ask if I actually do love you
I say yes.. and for once you know that someone is being true
Because even though they said it to you, they didn't mean it
They lied and lied until no two parts of anyone's story ever fit
But you believed me... and so I asked you the same
You said no doubt, and you had a little gleam in your left eye
And then I was finally secure that you weren't telling a lie
You got comfortable and asked if I wanted to play a truth game
So I said yes, and you started asking me so many questions, just to see how I'd reply
Went something like,
Do you love me? Yes
For my love would you die? Yes
Do I make you smile whenever I'm around? Yes
Would you ever make me cry? No
Do you love my name's sound? Yes
Is my smile beautiful? Yes
Am I cute? No. You're gorgeous
If were playing a game do you let me win? I'll go scoreless
Do you feel lonely without me? I feel incomplete
What was your favorite day of all time? The day we met.
When is your favorite time of day? When we greet.
If we argue then who wins? I concede defeat
Are you tired of these questions? Not yet...
Do you believe in god? You're on the earth right?
Do I make you feel strong? You are every ounce of my might.
What do you love about me most? The way you make the rainiest days seem like sunshine.
The last question was the easiest answer of all.
It spilled out your lips and I smiled that the hardest question was so small...
You asked, What is the most unbelievable thing about me? My answer was....That you're mine.

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