Ask Me About

Ask me about nature; wind that blows,
stars that peep, birds that sings,
ocean that roars, gentle river that flows,
sun that sets, moon that shines,
crisp night that falls, lighted day that breaks,
frog that croaks, cricket that chirps,
rain that pours, snow that falls,
thunder that strikes, flower that scents......
Then I'll write you a poem - pretty long lines

Ask me about beautiful lady with; gleaming face, candy lips, limpid eyes,
cool voice, shinny teeth,
glossy skin, faultless nose
sweet smile, smooth cheeks
soft palm, moon- shadow hair
splendid waist, buxom breast,
dainty stance, voluptuous hip.......
Then I'll write you a poem- pretty long lines

Ask me about my life
Then I'll laugh with tears flowing down
from my eyes

by Adegoroye Kenny James

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Nice one bro....keep it up