Perfect Reality

Dreams! !

Dreams of love and life;

Perfect Reality!


To say about you,

To dream about you,

Dreams! ! !

Into another realm;

Perfect Reality,

With the fragrance of life and the romance of nature.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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This is really easy to understand... Here, Tennyson says that the moon may draw the sea, the cloud may stoop so low from heaven that it would take the shape of a cape of a cave..but WHO KNOWS? ? and I (Poet) can't give you the answers, and I don't know when I'll be able to figure this ASK ME NO MORE! He says the he doesn't love the hollow cheek or the faded eye (of the maiden) but he doesn't want her to die and is determined to save her...AsK ME NO MORE! I (poet) will pray that you live... He says that the lady's and his fate are sealed...he was striving against the stop himself from dying..but all in vain...he wished the stram would take him to the main(river) and let him die..'no more, dear love'..he wants to die with his love as he believed that their fates were sealed...and he must die when she does..and have the same fate... ASK ME NO MORE! One of the most beautiful Tennyson poems I ever read...My favorites are THE BROOK and LANCELOT AND ELAINE... hope this helped! P.S - If I went wrong somewhere, please correct me..
I did not undrstand it! 1 plz explain
Could anyone give me a fast analyze of this?