BM (07-01-1992 / jamestown NY)

Ask Myself Why?

As i looked into your eyes
I could see the fire no longer there
It seemed to me that you
No longer wanted to care
Wanting nothing to do at all,
With what grew inside my womb
The temptations of the world
Finally had you consumed
I prayed that my love
Would keep us bonded forever
For some reason i have failed
Or maybe you just never wanted
Things the way i did
You had another plan
Where i wasn't your girl
And you weren't my plan
I only hope that i can
Get over this broken heart
That was torn from my body
And ripped all apart
The hurt almost unbearable
Finding myself loosing sleep
Wondering what i did so wrong
Why your love i couldn't keep
I try to be strong
But it hurts so bad
Thinking of what could have been
What we still could have had
I wonder if you still love me
If you ever have loved me at all
I wonder what happened
Why we took this fall
I cared so much about you
Your everything to me
And now you don't want me
Wanting to set me free
It hurts so bad sometimes
All i do is cry
Sit in my bed and hurt
And and ask myself

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Brittany, this is the saddest truth many young girls know only when its too late! I wish those who need to know will read your poem and know before the time comes to sit on the bed and cry and only be able to ask why...
='[ this poem seriously almost made me cry. i really can relate to that type of emotion and heartbreak, it's killer sometimes. probably the worst emotion in the world. and the worst pain. heartbreak i think is stronger than death.