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Ask, Seek & Knock

Ask and you shall receive,
Seek and you shall find,
Knock and the door will open,
Dwell on this in your mind.

What is really the main problem?
Most people don’t believe today?
We expect it to be like the New Testament,
When miracles happened right away,

Ask, seek and knock,
Why does it take so long?
Is there something I’m not doing?
Just what the heck is going on?

God’s denials do not mean no,
Or that you don’t have the faith,
1st Peter 4: 12, your quality’s being tested,
This is the reason you have to wait.

Exactly what am I being tested for?
Miracles are supposed to be free,
Jesus allowed everyone to be blessed,
Without waiting for what seemed like eternity.

We live in a different age and time,
Over two thousand years ago who knew?
Was Jesus really the Son of God?
Today this fact is known to be true.

Well, at least it is to all those who choose,
Yet at times our numbers look to be few,
Read the paper or watch television news,
What are we as Christians supposed to do?

Having the advantage of His Resurrection,
Does believe, trust, rely & adhere too ring a bell?
It is not to our insight or understanding,
Why are these words so difficult to sell?

I know it’s tough when others are faring well,
You’re struggling doing good yet by evil they excel,
Don’t forget that you are not here to judge,
It takes even longer when holding a grudge.

God knows exactly what He wants to do,
Without needing any counseling from you,
How do you know it is coming and why?
It will happen because God cannot tell a lie.

So don’t question Him and complain,
What makes you think He has to explain?
Impatience and worry will make God hesitate,
This journey is made possible only through faith.

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Maya Angelou

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