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Asked My Self
HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

Asked My Self

watch a world, full of a emotion and a worry..
tickled my heart a sweet sound, ,
hidden call from a deep hear..
yearning asked for a fusion in love, , ,

and asked my self, ,
have i to accept this call, and to suffer? ?
have i tasting a misery and a drame..
or not...

have i changed my stream love inside me..? ?
and looking to my future, and living my day..
and forget my all dreams...? ?
volcano burst in a weakness moment,
and a love`s splinter scattered every where..

that is an impossible love, ,
love gives a quote as an example..
love let all can`t talk about..

pass through and gave up? ?
pull out my sword and break up any harmony? ? ?
flounderd i am between all..
between to deny and gave up..
perplexed between going on or going back..

silence become a cry, ,
and a heart become a sadly prisoner..

raised my white flag, tell all untill to a seventh sky,

yes, right...
i fall in that trap, and burned longing fire..
my heart melted in a love, untill madness,
and loved untill a death, my loving beloved..
and magiced me her eyes...

a war became a quiet between me and my heart..

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