Asking Myself Why

Poem By David Harris

I sat down to write a letter
to an old friend of mine,
someone I had not seen
for thirty or forty years.
Only realizing as I put pen to paper
how the years had flown by,
though it only seem like yesterday
we had met on the street
and had a long chat together.
I realized then to my regret
that I did not know if
they were alive or dead.
If they were gone,
yet another thread to my past
had disappeared forever.
A curtain of sadness fell over me
as my memories re-enacted
moments from so long ago,
moments that will never return.

My pen hovered above the paper
and no words could I write
as my mind clouded with memories
of friends I had let go.
It's so easy to say see you later,
when half the time we never do.
Then comes today like now
and you realise there maybe no later.
Those friends of yesterday maybe gone
and only reside within your memories.
Tears glazed my eyes
and I gave a silent sigh.
I wondered how may more times
will I ask myself why
in the passing of time.
Why I just sat and let them go.

25 February 2012

Comments about Asking Myself Why

very good question. I really like the content of this poem..Great! !
The pious soul of the poet remembers the past and gets his eyes glazed with tears. Memories of the past reENACT and bring forth the past moments. I regret myself for forgetting my friends.Emotions of friendships linger long in my mind. Cheers!
As I become older, I often think of those I have known and lost touch with over the years and wonder how life has been for them.

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