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Poem By Crystal Johnson

Sometimes I wake up screaming
I'm terrified of dreams
They remind me of what I'll never have
And now I cannot sleep.

My dreams are full of happiness,
I'm sure I'll never see.
In my dreams we're a happy family,
I'm sure we'll never be.

In my dreams they'll love me,
With love I'll never feel.
In my dreams i'm smiling,
A smile that isn't real.

In my dreams I'm accepted,
I don't have to pretend
To be something I'm really not,
Over and over again.

I feel like I'm part of the family
I dont feel like giving up.
But, soon it all comes to an end
'Cause eventually I'll wake up.

Reality then consumes me,
Forcing me to see
That the only time I'm happy,
Is when I am asleep.

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Comments (5)

Dreams are given to us to help us reconcile our realities with our fantasies, so dream on. When you dream that happy family, then you know what you want your reality to be, and you have a goal. The expression of that dream/goal through your poetry is beautiful. You are so lucky to be as young as you are and able to express your innermost thoughts. Scarlett
Good artistic ability...this is a disturbing realization at your age. You are a part of the family and you shouldn't give up but maybe you are seeing yourself in the family that you are going to build and you are your daughter and feeling what it is going to feel like for her. There is always hope for the future if there is no hope for the present.
I truly value being unconscious myself, but hang in there and don't give up on those dreams.
Great poem Crystal. I wondered if you would post anymore! I'm glad to see you are. I hope all is well with you and everyone. :) Sincerely, Mary
Crystal, this is a wonderful piece, though I do not appreciate the theme wich is too pessimistic. Without doubt, you have a great deal of talent and you give consideration to your work. that is a good sign for an artist. You keep it up. regards, Denis Joe