Aspirant, sip, pin, pins, nip, pit, pits, tap, taps, pains;
Glue your muse to me like the clue of your love!
For i am the aspirant next to you,
And it is for a reason that i am here.

Aspirant, ants, ant, rats, rat, art, arts, tar, at, as, tars;
With your beautiful love as seen ny my eyes!
For, there is a reason of my presence today.

Aspirant, in, rain, ran, tan, span, pan, nap, sap, pans;
With the joy of your muse to satisfy my ways!
And like the sweet melodies of love.

Aspirant, prints, print, saint, pain, paints, paint, air, sit;
And like your joy in the land of your muse!
But, i am the aspirant next to you.

Aspirant, sat, trains, rains, train, pairs, pair, tin, tins, sin;
But i will always remember the joy of your muse! !
For, i am the next aspirant to you.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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