Poem By Robert Sheridan

Undress the inward sense -
The outside of the mind's body
Get rid of the un-respectful bored
Feel affection for achievement
Divest oneself in naked conceptions
Seize your un-whispered youth;
Be un-weary of time -
In a traveler's journey, never done
Never pine away in desire
Arise from grave images - aspire
Praise, escape reproach - establish change
Estrange, astound, establish;
Reach not to blinding dust
View your future with clearer eyes
Leave behind the calm region
One foot forward, even in the night
Predict it, control it - be uncommonly ambitious
Get behind phenomena, un-riddle the being;
Make it worthwhile, make it beautiful
To the logical - un-opinion
Un-guardian the morality
Enquire, un-draw the sand-drawn line
Know what's not
Be above inhuman values - Aspire!


Comments about Aspire

Very insightful and 'inspirational'! :) Thank you for sharing. Ivanna

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