Poem Hunter
Assembling The Puzzle
(12/01/89 - present / Louisiana)

Assembling The Puzzle

The sounds of home greet me
the trickling sound of the fish tank
my mother's eccentric cackling
and my step father's loud voice
a voice that gets ignored all the same
and the discordant ticking of clocks
even the pace of time is slowed here

They say home is a place
where people take note of your absence
Its when you forget your own face
and what you look like doesn't matter
because you are kin, a tiny component
of one great warm existence,
but a crucial piece all the same

Home is something I take with me when I leave
it's a concrete part of my being
in reality, I have several homes
with a number of different families,
all of which have pieced me together
and to this day we're still collaborating
working to complete a jumbo puzzle of homes
that interlock, meshing together our lives

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Comments (35)

Your poetry is some of the Best! Honest and emotional, straight forward but emotionally illustrative with familiar places and feelings comfortably accommodated by words- really touches my heart
Connecting poem about something we sometimes take for granted yet which ultimately determines our true states of belonging and feeling loved or feeling alienated and ostracized.
Fantastic poem dear poet......sweet tone of heart..
Lovely lines loaded with love for home and family. Such a creative and captivating composition that is as refreshing as a river. well done my friend!
A fine poem trying to mesh lives.I liked the warmth of this write.++10 Robert
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