Assume Being Free From Wars

The war has ended in the Middle East
Terrorists have surrendered in the west
Borders and bricks slowly began to fall,
Now serve as artefacts, all the borders and walls.

India and Pakistan are one again,
Israel with Palestine, are together without claim
Man for peace, has returned from refugee camps
Women and children, hold safe hands.

Somehow a wonderful miracle sweetened the air
As peaceful as the sheep grazing with the deer
Dark fades away, so does man’s cruelty and fear
No more for deer hunted the bear.

The many religions that man turned to
Taboos and differences in man's mind grew,
Rulers of greed and dictators fell for their deeds
Turned into fire and were burned like weeds.

Now judge no man by skin colour—hair or religion,
They are starved no more— for a leader’s joy or fun.
Rulers make no more the murderous gun
Man can walk without fear, free in the sun.

Now he eats bacon she eats ham, they are one again
Wars for religion are left aside
For religion and land, man had fought many Jihads besides;
Hundreds were buried at once in huge mass graves.

What will happen to the corrupted leader, where will he perform?
The growing season is over, has ripened the deeds of corn
The grief and tears of people be all gone—
The falling tree has grown a bud, now he shall mourn.

Finally man has learnt the reason of life, as seen and gone,
The sacrificial journeys up the river
— to breed and die like the salmon
Now that the church and temple are all foregone
The heart of man is for now—God’s home.

by Rohitash Chandra

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