Assurance Or Arrogance

Certainty is one of many a man's desire,
That's why insurance business has become an empire;
But can we really be very very sure,
On the things we do now for the future?

If self is the factor in gaining assurance,
By doing good all we can is pure arrogance;
Assurance in Him and thru Him only should be foremost,
Not in self nor of works lest anyone should boast.

Doubt has no room in a life of faithfulness,
When His will blends with ours in the spirit of oneness.
The product is assurance in the omnipotent One,
Who provides the power til victory is won.

Through faith we have been saved by grace,
It's the gift of God whose will should we embrace;
With Him who's able salvation is assured,
For those whose trails to the end are endured.

by Emmanuel G. DelRosario

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