Poem By Kyle Harbinger

An epiphany in the deepest dream-
And I wake up blind
Feeling through the dark-
Breathing ever so hard
I’m innately searching for my lifeline
As I start to panic-
Different tones of voices circle around me-
Laughing, as I faintly hear them telling me
That I am an old man.
My bedroom slowly melts into a pool beneath me
And I am fooled by the devil.
Like always
Im left alone
Surrounded by darkness
Only to feel my ugly
And that I have aged.

Sick to my core
Nauseous and gasping,
I cry as I laugh at myself
And the pain I sense dripping through my fingers.
I stand still but the energy doesn’t stop.
I feel the liquid in my hands
Turn to dirt
As my tears create life-
In the rose that quickly grows
In my strong left hand.

I realize I am an old man
And I wake up wheezing, looking for my inhaler,
And I wake up wishing
That it’s not there.

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