Astronomy Is Awesome 2

The wanderers are the planets,
Made of gas and dust and granites.
Mercury is the closest one
To our star which is the sun.

The daytime side is extremely hot,
For two years and then it's not.
Because a rotation does occur,
The day to night does defer.

Venus' atmosphere you can't breathe,
Its former oceans did bubble and seethe.
Sulfuric acid makes up its clouds;
On its 900 degree surface are no crowds.

The surface of Mars is very cold.
The people who want to go there are bold.
There's a possibility of life below the ground
Since liquid water has now been found.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.
It has many moons but I won't list ‘em.
Compared to the sun it has a thousandths of its mass.
It's composed mostly of helium and hydrogen gas.

Saturn has 95 times the mass of Earth.
To at least 62 moons it did give birth.
Its rings make it visually unique,
So through a telescope you should peek.

Uranus and Neptune are the giants made of ice.
If you think you can live there you need to think twice.
Uranus' minimum temperature is -371 Fahrenheit,
That's how cold it gets in the middle of the night.

There are 8 planets now it should be noted,
Since 2006 Pluto has been demoted.

by Spock the Vegan

Comments (2)

This is a cool poem! Great idea to wrte about the universe. How about writing some more? Perhaps you already have - I'll look.
Great poem, but I thought Pluto had been upgraded to planet status again. I just read that within the last month or so. I could be wrong. I was wrong before. I thought I had made a mistake, and I hadn't! Ha, ha, ha.