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Astronomy Is Awesome

The Orion Nebula is vast,
A giant remnant of the past.
Its light has traveled 1500 years,
One million stars garner cheers.

The Veil Nebula is even bigger,
From an explosion of extra vigor.
From a star that went supernova,
Brighter than a comet's coma.

Many others were seen by Hubble,
One from a star in trouble.
As the star is making rubble,
The Cat's Eye Nebula makes a bubble.

by Spock the Vegan

Comments (3)

This is a nice poem Spock, I like your poetry mainly I like your poetry dealing with Astronomy or with the mind.
The distance to the Cat's Eye nebula is estimated at 300 light years. Its age is estimated to be 1000 years.
Awesome poem and Awesome picture. It does look somewhat like a cat's eye. Well done!