The voices all around me,
Bouncing around the room.
You cannot begin to understand,
Can’t imagine the gloom.

And the pain I feel now,
Trapped inside this cell.
The pain breaking me in two,
Dragging me into hell.

I want the discomfort to fade,
And turn into dust.
The dust I could brush aside,
And learn again to trust.

The people I thought would always be true,
And would always help me out.
Instead all I see in them,
Their eyes filled with doubt.

They put me in this place to rot,
To stop me being alive,
This place filled with craziness,
Like an insane bee hive.

The people around don’t want to be here,
Their souls are trapped in this helpless land.
And no one anywhere around,
Will bother to lend them a hand.

So I ask you now to get me out of this place,
Help me get out to find ‘um.
The souls I wish to belong with,
That are free of this asylum.

by Rachel Brewer

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Your work is really great! You should check out some of my poems :)
Grate poem, keep it up & don't give up.