(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

At 21

At 21 years old,

This is what you can do! ! !

Only to kill and destroy!

To kill peace because of hatred,

To destroy families! !

Because of hatred,

Yes! ! Look at your age!

At 21,

This is what you can do;

Only to kill and destroy,

Why? ! ! ! ! !

Why are you so wicked? !

Watch the mirror!

Are you a human being?

Then, you can answer my question;

Because, i see myself as a human being by,

Watching the mirror.

Look at my age? !

What will do at the age of 42? !

Yes, to double your age;

Tell me your mind if you care,

Why should People die because of you,

Because of the HATRED in your heart!

The World needs peace than war.

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