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At 6: 30 Am, Starbucks
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At 6: 30 Am, Starbucks

Poem By Max Reif

I frequent a well-lighted cafe'.
Outside, wraiths wander in the darkness,
a realm of hungry ghosts.
This morning even Death was there,
wrapped in a beggar's blanket,
turning to look at me.

This world is not separate from that one.
I came in from the dark,
but as I sit, and read and write,
the shadows seem to lighten,

and when I leave,
it shall be into Sunrise.

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Comments (9)

dear max, good poem but i cannot make out this line: This world is not separate from that one. i mean why is it there?
excellent poem max...ghostly but inspiring and very easy to read...you use words very well.
i loved this...i agree with the writer before me that there is a haunting feel to it which was wonderful...i've read some great ghost stories but only a handful of great ghostly poems...this was exceptionally well-written! ! !
I used to write in the early mornings, from 4 to 6 am, but lately I've been writing in the afternoon. anyway, I loved the huanting feel of this piece...but then again, I enjoy all of your work...pen on!
Why do I think of Virgil, wandering in the underworld? ! Haunting, anyway, Max! May rosy-fingered dawn guide your musings in the laptop of the gods!