(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

At 8: 18 Am

At the beautiful gate of love;
But, i will meet you at 8: 18 Am.

Perm, term, sperm!
With the muse of the dancing stars;
But, be yourself always in a positive way in this world.

Choice, ice!
Just like the first day;
Meal, meat!
Just like the first date;
Show, how, sow, who? !
Just like the first time;
And, to burn down slowly like the candle! !
Just like the first night.

Living in this lovely world;
But, try to put on a positive character always.

Of the White rose of love,
Of the red rose of peace,
Of the pink rose of unity;
Being yourself always with a positive mind.

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Edward how are you? wrote a beautiful poem with the tinge of life your universal positive message may spread and people must adhere thank you dear