Definite Messages

Pages of poetry being written with definite messages
regarding issues and creativity of ideas, alluring
senses and desires deeply within my being.

Intellect bypassing everything that's normally done
for the purpose of my soul, wonder, awe and curiosity
are all elements that bring an intense purpose within.

Keeping me vibrant, alive and writing, always enjoying
what is written later when reading it, to decide on a
title for each poem.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (4)

This specific poem was written with either a tragic or ironic writing style. please leave a comment of what you think it is.
This defines life, especially as a young teen. No one will listen, and then... Viola! you have turned into a lazy toad.
And the ugly toad turns into the prince. Humor is the best weapon against growing old. It was wonderful that he had it and could look at himself with recognition .. and surprise!
The frog prince turns into the toad.