At A Glance

Poem By Raul Castelan

It seem so far away,
The distance of time,
As it gathered into dust,
And became nothing.

It was as if a tumble weed had passed by,
Took all the people and things around it,
And threw them into the land of Oz.

At a glance, all this happen,
All this hearsay of words,
Spread about like in a scrabble game,
Puzzled to become one.

As in universe of one's own,
One doesn't find what one is looking for,
Until the right time comes,
And then all of a sudden the equation is solved.

And then, and then,
A rush of time comes walking in,
Takes us all into a lost civilization,
And we forget who we are or who we were.

Everybody becomes someone else,
As in a novel, except everybody rotates,
Doesn't stay the same,
Making everything and everyone lost in confusion.

At a glance, time passes by,
As we go behind it.

Comments about At A Glance

Life cannot be we have no knowledge as to how much time we have....Living day to day, is not even exact enough...for if we do this, as many do...still so much can be missed that we shouldn't have missed...The mindset of making every moment count, though a bit certainly something to make an effort at doing...This poem is symbolic of time's control over us...I like its tone...Good job Raul...Welcome back onsite! FjR

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