At A Mid-Day

Did not keep my mind in my office
How is furniture irrelevant
This ashtray pin the last shelf of Elmira
They are prisoner observer and history
Any time the office will be destroyed
The face will be burnt.
At mid-day when keep my mind at office
the alphabet gives slogan silently
Are we also inheritance of Frost Shelly Tolstoy
Try to create poetry without inclination
, which had collected in boyhood.
Ever return to past
the picture of bargaining of rate
at village market during sunset
the last tremor of stringed
or waiting of mother at doorframe
Intend to see the period of present
Seeking a lot of money
Though I am an unemployed
Illegal building often blows my eye
Also have a small broken mirror
Have a small family
Where have seen the picture of pain world.
Look at the fresh sky of future
A dream a house of happiness
A baby will have grown up without food
At a “Baby day”
Will go to destination.

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