13th Dimension

Finding no place to hide when within poetical interludes,
all feelings and emotions being seen through poetry that
I constantly write.

Living exponentially into the future, silently becoming
everything that I've dreamt of through life, soothing
every particle and fiber of my being.

Being taken into depths of an interior spirituality where
a bluened light of the Divine dwells within me, always
knowing I will find it whenever going inside contemplation.

Reaching more potential than the time before, having moved
into the thirteenth dimension so swiftly and intellectually,
giving comfort to my mind, heart and soul.

Living interiorly with a joy and energy that can never be
taken away for I continue to create paths innately, know-
ing they must be taken throughout this temporary life of
poetical insistence through curiosity.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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