The Sunset Of Romanticism

How beautiful a new sun is when it rises,
flashing out its greeting, like an explosion!
- Happy, whoever hails with sweet emotion
its descent, nobler than a dream, to our eyes!
I remember! I’ve seen all, flower, furrow, fountain,
swoon beneath its look, like a throbbing heart…
- Let’s run quickly, it’s late, towards the horizon,
to catch at least one slanting ray as it departs!
But I pursue the vanishing God in vain:
irresistible Night establishes its sway,
full of shudders, black, dismal, cold:
an odour of the tomb floats in the shadow,
at the swamp’s edge, feet faltering I go,
bruising damp slugs, and unexpected toads.

by Charles Baudelaire

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Radiant, swaying to the beat with her hips. It was the traditional ladies sangeet, Rachel Ann Butler
Mamta, I loved the last stanza, I can so identify with it. Your a star
LOL, I found this funny but very informative, I would never have known that about the Indian wedding, thanks for sharing. A 10
This nice poem reminds me of that movie 'monsoon wedding'! 10! -Raj Nandy