This Void, This Sorrow....

ah, i know this
it is here waiting only
to be filled,
ah, i know now more
about this sorrow,
it is myself
for all these years
waiting for

i have this candle
inside my heart
ready to be kindled
by you.


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창가에서 내게 굶주림을 주소서 앉아서 세상에 명령을 내리시는 오 그대 신들이여 내게 굶주림과 고통과 결핍을 주소서, 수치와 실패로 당신들의 부와 명성
This is, in fact, an earnest prayer whereby the poet asks for some amount of love even when he is surrounded by adversities in life. Beautifully articulated poem. Thanks. O you gods / Give me hunger, pain and want / Shut me out with shame and failure But leave me a little love,
Amazing poem. A prayer in a different style.
Sandburg is a master at digging up unpalatable truths and finding something humanity can cling to and get through life with dignity and grace.
This poem talk of the ruthless injustice of God... and also prays for some hope that we all need at the end of the we know life is not and will never be a bed of roses...Thanks Dear Poet.....for this last start of hope and living strong.
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