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At Dawn
(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

At Dawn

Poem By Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Early in the morning;
Before the Sun had come;
A cool breeze was blowing;
I walked up and down.

Neighbours were still sleeping;
The weather was so cold;
All was very quiet;
Except the chirp of Birds!

It had been much raining;
All through the previous night;
Coffee having taken,
I pranced like a kite.

‘Twas a Sunday morning!
And all would get up late;
Just the noise of motors,
Was in the far-off roads.

The Air was quite freshn’ing,
I breathed and breathed and breathed;
I saw a group of black clouds;
In the Sky inter-weaved.

The plants seemed so smiling;
Their leaves were green and fresh;
The ground was wet, sodden;
And showed some sprouts afresh.

Plantain-trees looked stately;
Their green leaves so well-spread;
I saw green leaf-cutters!
On Moringa-tree leaves.

I had a good night’s sleep;
The family left for hol’s;
I listened to the noise,
Of insects ‘neath the leaves.

Two trees had delivered,
A bunch of bananas each!
One was so much sagging;
The trunk would break, it seemed!

The Sky now brightened up;
The Sun still nowhere seen;
As if someone would come,
The garden next look’d clean.

I stretch’d my limbs few times,
Aiming to breathe better;
I had a bout of cough,
By now, ’twas almost Dawn!

Soon the Air got filled up,
With noise of various Birds;
They flew in joy, singing;
Another Dawn was born!

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I like it, nice theme too john
one of my earliest, sweet poems! thanks pradeep.
Liked this one.very nice.