Petals In The Wind

At last the springtime sings again
down the tree arched shady lane,
behind the tarmacadam roads
on which the winter snow had froze.

The snowdrops have now come and gone
the clumps of daffs' all fully grown,
and sweet hyacinths assail my nose
with sweet fragrance of spring's rose.

Petunias line the gated paths
as the robin watches gardeners graft,
the neighbours cut the new green grass
whilst their children play and laugh.

The world awakes to warming sun
and young ducklings follow mum,
nature states a new age begun
as life anew continues on.

In deep midwinter it seemed unreal
that life would come and dark would kneel,
below the fragrant blossom trees
which now gently rain their grace on me.

The wind it laughs and says sit still,
I'll bend the grass, I'll turn windmills,
bare the boughs of blossomed frills,
as that air by which I'm filled
gives life to all you thought was killed.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

The night was filled with dreams, sweet, now the time to face realities that is grey without any dream.Sweet and sour facts of life!
I Like your style of writing