! ! ! ! ! ! At Day Break.... Lingering Shadows! ! ! ! ! ! !

Melancholy in her eyes, pallor on the cheeks.
She sat with her hand on chin, heard a moan, bed creak.
Quivering lips, trembling hand, hair carelessly done.
She reached out to the sick man, one and only one.

So vivacious and gay, on her wedding day,
What was on her mind, as he groaning lay?
She picked up a holy book, began to chant a hymn,
An uncanny calm… reached out, his hand cold and thin.

Tears welled up in her eyes, Said now free of pain.
Sorrow writ large on wane face, wiped dry blood stain
From his lip… moved to phone, called grown up kids.
Dad just died, now at peace, you may good bye bid.

I’ll Take care of everything, you need not worry.
Now there is no point, so don’t come in a hurry.
She seemed like an enigma, as asked me for tea.
I must perform last rites, and then go to sea.

Had known her all my life, thought knew what she meant.
It was just implied, I felt… laughed, had always mum kept.
A sudden spurt of energy, is all I could see, in her gait,
On the eastern horizon, day breaks… light faint.

by Mamta Agarwal

Comments (6)

Lovely painful work with pictorial value. You know the art of composition and presentation that touches the reader. While reading, I felt it very known to me. 10 with pleasure.
Very poignant. Your last line lingers in the mind like those shadows at day break. Beautiful. Warmest regards, Sandra
the pain and grief of the bereaved spouse is expressed so touchingly in this well written poem...thanks for sharing it with us..10+
Grief painted touchingly inside a well worded poem frame...thanks Mamta...gives a sad silent read...10
love is the deep undercurrent of your poem...just love......and pain.........
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