AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)

At Espresso

So I sit here while I should be studying.
And yet I have an odd sense of calm
I think of how I am almost done
What a wonderful word

As wonderful a word it is… at the same time
It seems to present a problem.
I don’t know exactly how to diagnose it
But I know that it exists.

It has come over me so unexpectedly
And what it is… is well, weird
I need not know what it is or
Worry if it is meant to last

Things in life come and go so fast
People come in and out of our lives
People leave lasting impressions and
Some make dents. Dents on our personalities
Souls, thoughts, and hearts.

I have many dents, it is surprising that
I am able to stand, breathe, laugh, or
Move at all. They are actually what save
Me from a fall. There is a purpose and
Reason that the people in my life are in
My life. So I thank God for this Espresso :)

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