(20 June 1952 - / Kolkata / India)

Father, Where Art Thou? (R-Rated)

In a corner of a bar?
Having fun with a cigar?
Filling out some betting slips?
Wiping away a trace of ruby lips?
Emptying bottles into a glass?
Getting a hold of a little stash?
Figuring out the latest spread?
Holding the back of some woman's head?
Tipping over in a bar stool?
Acting like a total fool?
Cursing at the television?
Getting thrown into prison?
Wobbling home after passing out?
Taking some blow through the old snout?
Getting punched and kicked nearly to death?
Begging me for money with your last breath?

(c) 2016 Copyright Elena Plotkin

by Elena Plotkin

Comments (4)

daylight retified our reckoning Great conceptualization. Thanks for sharing.
Realisation of life at the end of the day..it is really beautiful poem.
Nighttime is the worst - the business of the day is over and nothing presents itself to distract and we are left prey to the tossing and turning in fruitless search of sleep while the heart yearns for the love that is gone. Great work.
' Love consumes time which is more dear than love ' - ***