ATM (18-12-1986 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

At Fifty!

At twelve
The world was elusive
the winds
Had stories to tell
In forts and palaces
In shrines and churches
And fields of pastures gay.

At fifteen in the sixth grade
Days did come and go
With friends and family
Until the birds did sing
The pangs of first love.

At twenty five
The sky grew empty
Friends became colleagues
Work replaced studies
And nights became boring
While weekends very tiring.

At forty
Life became lonely
And the past a memory
Which he looked back
In deep empathy.

At fifty
Oh at fifty
He shed tears
Sitting in a balcony
Sipping beers

And realized the sky
The deep blue sky
Haven't shed a year.

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Comments (5)

Beautifully conceived and elegantly crafted with conviction. A insightful work of art.
I love how you described your life up to age 15. Full of optimism! But after that, you start to become pessimistic. With that beer, please start shedding tears of joy. You'll start to regain your youthful optimism. That being said, it's an excellent poem!
Time comes in disguise by named AGE and change the child to SAGE But time has no change in SPACE /// nice writing
Such a great poem, Abu Tarek....10++++
Wonderful assessment of the impact of aging but why tears with beer. This is a mismatch. I would like to clear my tears with a bottle of beer. Thanks for such an entertaining poem.