MF (May 10,1978 / Greenville, Sinoe Country, Liberia.)

At First

When it was just you and me.
Together we took cool strode
In the hood, with hands in hands.
With heavy laughter and echoing
Having endless conversations. At
Times till the crook crows on us.
It was all so perfect at first.

Having a fractured peace of mind,
Just don’t make it better.
I gaze in fear, sorrow in distress.
It wasn’t so perfect at first. Coz
At first.

I was all that matters to you.
My happiness was your research.
What has happen to all that, we
Had at first?
What a challenge! A precious
Relationship lost.
So sudden and swift.

At first, together we brought
Victory closer. you was my pride.
I am left with a trembling heart
And a wondering mind now.
Not at first

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hi my dear who is troubling at first, it seem those memories coming back. it's all ok and I like it. poem is all about feeling and it's just what you brought in this poem ät first. keep it up.