At First Sight (2)

The days forward the pass
Of approaching blankness
Everyday doubts for another day
Of light and dark!

All the while a disturbed self
Avoids eyes of the beloved
And confused her in total disgust
And helpless attempt!

What next? What waits far away?
Answer none to respect the faith...

Total civilization on his desk
Savors the images
All at a time, all by blink...
Crossroads, birds, sky and the
Limitless cosmos in the ink...

Will they route the images to a blind date?
Will she hold his cane while on the way?


by Moushumi moushumi

Comments (2)

too many second thoughts after the first sight...well written follow up piece...thanks, Mousumi...10
A worthy follow up to your previous poem, thanks, 10 Lynda xx