MP (4/5/91 / Richmond)

At First

At first i didnt even know you knew me.

I would see you down the hall and wonder how someone
so amazing wasnt in my life.
I would talk of you constantly and think of you non-stop.
I would fantasize what it would be like
just to get the smallest kiss from you.
Then one day you spoke to me, nothing big,
just a simple 'hey'.
and when you said that a feeling so indescribable
exploded inside me and i knew i just had to have you.

At first i could barely say hi back,
just cause you made me so nervous.
But steadily i became less shy
and started spending more time with you.
I came to see you for more then a beautiful face
and exquiste body.
I saw a great mind and unbreakable spirit.

Then one day you gave me the thing i desired with all my heart,
a kiss.
At first i was nervous, but i knew it was the right time.
It was small and quick,
but it allowed a wave of unspeakable emotions to flood my body.
instantly i felt hot all over and all i wanted to do at that moment
was stand there and hold you for the rest of my life.

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