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Light Your Fire On Us

I carry pride like a disease, you know I'm Stubborn
and I'm longing to be close!
I fell desperate without vision,
you wrap around me like a winter Coat.
you've come and burned me with a kiss
and my heart for you! Every single breath you search
much deeper within my through the way things appear!
You looking up to my heart.

We share dream's
we join the Angels in Celebration
and by faith we speak revival, give us an open heaven
and anoint our prayers this day revive our heart.

Light your fire on Us! that's our request today!

by Mary Wismer

Comments (2)

Every night when I go to my bed, I think it may be the last night of my bed, I always afraid to be buried alive, and I wrote a poem Buried Alive in two parts. When i read your name in your comment on one of Robert Murray Smith's poem, I became interested in read your poems. After reading this amazing poem I appreciated my decision. Dear Buried Alive, I am also waiting for my death because I am afraid to be buried alive.
Morbidly wonderful, ecstatically written