At Idomeni To The Village Of Chamilo

For a moment I thought
I had found a new home
I was swathed in blankets
and given some food.

I hadn't eaten for days
gaunt and cadaverous
I made my way to the refugees camp
as the sun cracked through the darkling clouds.

The Red Cross crew tried their best
to rescue a woman's baby before
hurrying to a man having an epileptic fit
in front of a hundred of us refugees

For a moment I thought
I had found a new home
scrambling for way past
EU's closed Balkan door

by Sofia Kioroglou

Comments (4)

Mohammed Asim Nehal really nailed it with his observation below. The more I read you, the more impressed I have become about your variety of topics and the beauty of your ink.
Heartfelt poem, we all are refugees here on earth some are lucky to find their place and some are struggling to find it, You nailed it with this poem..................Loved it,10+++
EU 's closed Balkan door! Nice dedication to the refugees. Thanks for sharing.
An excellent poem to be used in the upcoming book on refugees.