At Last....

At last I stand before your eyes
Clothed in shreds of consciousness
To abandon what of me remains
To your first and each succeeding kiss
Dark hair to frame the radiant face
Skin soft as all control is lost
Exulting in our ways of tenderness

The senses of the mind made bright
By what the flesh will not give up
No longer youthful in its pride
Stripped of much presumptuousness
So I arrive to you at last
Arms opened wide, fit to receive
The breathless joy of being called to give

The game accomplished, whistle blown
Without design, to learn at last
The simple lesson taught by love
With all the wars of passion won
The peace so vast to conjugate
Not by insistence, as we trace
The tightropes where we join in our embrace.

by Frank Bana

Comments (6)

Wow! I see why you are on my list of fabulous but naughty poets dear Frank! So sensual to come together at last. Smiling at you, Tai
A well deserved ten, I love how sensually you have worded this piece.'s beautiful!
Sensual... passionate yet delicate. Perfect in rhythm. t x
A beautifully written piece, woven with such passion, yet delicate in its art. Delightful read. Excellent. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
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