All Are Disturbed By

All are disturbed by
Mental agonies, diseases,
Excessive heat and cold.
All are disturbed here
At this time and live
With the enemies all around.
Competition is acute
Between individual and individual,
Between state and state.
The defects of modern civilization
Are so many, no happiness
For common people anywhere,
The entire world is in turmoil,
No peace, no brotherhood, no truth.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (8)

Beneath His trees of healing, the life for which I long Ultimate unconditional surrender before Him, the creator. Great prayer and equally great theme.
Makes me ponder on what my own experience of eternity be.
The very definition of lovely wording
wow writers o f this excellence are no longer in existence.
Eulogy of divine love, support and healing. More transcendental than religious.
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