At Last

Do you think it will be pride that you'll feel, when your son goes off to war,
Duped into believing it was the only way those terrorists will get what for?
Will it fill your heart with joy at the news your son was blown to bits,
Or shot dead at the hands of those filthy terrorists?
Tell me again how peace can only be achieved, down the barrel of the gun,
At the eradication of the other side - each and every one.
Maybe, just maybe, we can start in the region anew,
Populated with the folk who look more like me or you.
I propose, instead, putting an end to all this stuff,
And we extend our hands and give what we can, until all have enough...
Lay down your weapons and leave your hatred in the past!
And then, we may finally, have peace on Earth at last.

by Serena Blackinton

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