At Last I Sleep.

I went to sleep humming the oddest of tunes

Quite late yet. too soon.

At last I sleep.
i'll Call it


The dream.....I had....
I thought i'D break and shatter like glass
I thought I'd die and die slow not fast.

At last I sleep..
I called it


At last I sleep..
Soon it Was morning

The day moved on/.

I thought I exscaped.
yet soon it was gone.

At last I sleep..
Again it was late.

But this Time I Woke.
I new it was over.
No longer I slept
No longer a dream.
Or so It would seem.

At last I was done.
Too bad I'd die young.

At last I sleep.
But it was too late.

The eyes seemed so sad
But to me it was great.

Because I am the artist.
And this the exscape.

At last I sleep.
To me its just fate.

by Ron Farmer

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the ejaculation of writing................nice piece