At Last, My Soul Flies Free

The hills rise, high and steep,
my legs are fairly aching,
I climb in one slow creep,
Behind me, dawn is breaking.

Memories are kind and deep,
as I trudge up one more hill;
They are treasured things to keep,
Grist to the mind, as to the mill.

Some thoughts make me weep,
as I walk along a clearing;
As I've sowed, I've also reaped,
but there's nothing I am fearing.

Silent pictures, in my mind do seep,
Racing through my peaceful brain;
My life's been one gigantic leap,
escaping from the dreaded drain.

Over the mountains, I eagerly peep,
The views speard out before me;
The valleys lay in one vast heap,
and my soul at last, flies free.

by david lessard

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Very beautiful, excellent, vivid. I enjoyed this very much.