Before The Cross

Copyright © 2002 Van Wood

No loss, no gain; No cross, no pain
He could choose to pass it up
The crown of thorns, the jeers, the scorns
Refuse the bitter cup
And have it all here and now
And make the crowds believe and bow

But the Garden calls, and the curtain falls
on this, earth’s darkest day
While His friends all sleep, from the inner deep
Jesus bows to pray

Not my will, but thine be done
You my Father, I your son.

by van wood

Comments (21)

She came but leaves him to feel lonely in body and soul.
Very sad feeling when a hurt is broken by a girlfriend
In this dear patience of my pain Lovely lines
I like sophisticated metrical verse. Therefore I like this one stanza poem.
Carefully gone line by line and within words..all readers and those commented overlooked the essence of this poem this poem is about death and separation - (AT last she comes, O never more, In this dear patience of my pain..Poet expected death whereas he already suffering the separation patiently) and the part of the poem - (To leave me lonely as before, Or leave my soul alone again. Here poet said I will be alone in my grave and by this way soul will be without body) interesting just now came in my mind Body and soul here treated as wife and husband..initially a separation and finally a separation either way...fantastic poem and can't be written further so beautiful my humble request to readers please clear your mind and re read thank you
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