Reincarnation is the rational consequence
Relative to our mortal existence
To help us evolve through self-experience
Reshaping our mind-body outfit
Gradually elevating to the newer heights
Until we encounter the spirit Self
To become at one with the universal One
And no more Karma remains undone
When self-sacrifice begins for the sake of all
Only to enjoy life in pristine fun

Many lives must be lived prior to that end
To deal with amassed karma via rebirths
While evolving devotedly along the way
Changing all along in the conscious plane
When subconscious and conscious turn into one
And mind-body turns into a tool of fun
When intellect guides us in a steadfast mode
While strictly following all moral codes
And the mind-body-spirit starts acting in unity
Finding everything in plain solidarity

Rebirth is optional upon reaching perfection
Fully subjected to will of the free Soul
Whether willing to reborn to serve mankind
Or stay submerged in the formless Brahman

by Tushar Ray

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Who in all of human history has not had some deep ache within crying to get out? And who has not, at least in some way, tried to quell it... until finally it does burst?