At Midnight

At midnight,
When you sit in preparation...
To slither with a venomed tongue.
I will be there aware and cautioned...
Of the blood you wish to suck dry,
From anyone you can sting to stun...
As a valued standard you have welcomed.

Happily you dress to impress...
Before the Sun comes to shine.
To splatter as you chatter with anyone,
With a clearing of skies arising.
As a dawn arriving on the horizon comes.
To announce,
As you will...
How sleepless you have been,
In the fulfillment of delivering...
Your deeds to unsuspecting victims.

And you and I will make eye contact!
As you wonder how it was...
I managed to escape!
From a vicious backstabbing,
You were certain upon me make.
But I...
Have been freed,
From the fake smiling crowd...
You've embraced to partake,
In the doings of your misdeeds.

At midnight,
I am prepared to defend against...
Those creatures that slither in masquerade.
Using darkness to undo those thought,
To sleep defenseless in an inncocence...
Snakes believe easy to take.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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