WG (03.07.1992 / Slovakia)

At Night

I drink and I look all around at night
I sit and make no more sound at night
I realize I'm alone in this bar at night
I'm alone with all these people at night
I realize I don't know them at night
I realize I'm forsaken by them at night
and so I lose my blind hopes at night
and so I leave the hopeless scene at night

I walk through the frost on dark streets at night
I think a lot, like I usually think at night
I can hardly breathe with all that feelings at night
I'm sinking deeper into oblivion at night
I want to forget every moment of past hours at night
I wish I could say I'm totally careless at night
and so I turn off every lamp I pass by at night
and so I won't smile 'cause I wear a frown at night

I can't see my pale face in the mirror at night
I don't recognize if I'm real, without fear at night
I hesitate, I fail and collapse into bits at night
I vanish for the rest of the winter at night
I'm a statue behind the window at night
and so I surrender to the shadows at night
and so I remove my heavy head at night

I open the door to my empty room at night
I lie on the floor, so cold and dusty at night
I stare to the darkness of my inner-self at night
I listen to ticking of deafening silence at night
I'd like to sleep, but I often can't at night
I'd like to say it's just a fiction, but it's all true at night
and so I shiver and play with these words at night
and so I'm sober, awake between the walls at night

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