At Night Don'T Get Out My Child...

The sky is becoming gray
with clouds color of ashes,
a girl forgot her pink ribbons
around the shores of the lake.

I donÕt know if was my love
or may be her deep candor,
but to the church I take you
to pray humble to our Lord.

In the well a bright star
fell into the profound bottom,
the crow sensing something happened
in a tall tree shelter sought.

Quite far, but close by the mountains
have been seen wolves walk fast,
and round the dangerous gore
the shepherd has lost a lamb.

Around the shores of the lake
my girl a ribbon forgot,
I donÕt know why she is so shy,
and wanting nothing to talk.

To the church I bring her go,
up there by the weekend,
and will be back the happy days,
to cheerful my child face.

by Esther Ortega

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