At Night I Dream

At night I dream of angels and demons
Cascading through time on wings from afar.
To do battle for the heart of an unworthy Soul.
Why is life valued so high?
What can I possibly to for tomorrow?
I am but one man
And this is but my sorrow.
Often I wake,
Sad and recluse.
For I'm missing that something,
For which angels defend
And demons fear.
The power of love
And God who has made it.
For love and its source,
Do angels transform,
The heart within me
And the hope for still more.
She's out there dreaming,
She as well as I.
For we hold out and do battle
For the hope of that day,
When we can forever,
Forever look into each other's eyes.
In that moment two words will pass
And I will smile and simply repress
That smile deep within me,
While I solemnly pledge
I do...
I DO now and forever,
Till the Day I die.
I Love you.

by Robert Knox

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